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Open Positions – U.S. Headquarters

Grower Support - California
The Fall Creek® Grower Support is responsible for providing site evaluation, pre-plant preparation, and post-plant cultural care to commercial customers. In addition, assists in variety selection, data collection, and other functions related to customer support. The role is a front-line position, in charge of providing excellent commercial support to our current and potential clients. 

 IT Operations and Cybersecurity Manager - Onsite, Eugene, Oregon 
The Fall Creek® IT Operations and Cybersecurity Manager works on the protection of information systems, the detection of threats to those systems, and the response to detected threats and cyber-attacks. This position prepares measures to protect the organization’s computer and database infrastructure while educating employees within the company on security measures.

Tissue Culture Vendor Management Specialist - Hybrid, Lowell, Oregon
The Fall Creek® Tissue Culture (TC) Vendor Management Specialist manages the relationships with Tissue Culture labs, including communications and interactions involving different regions and departments.  The primary role for the specialist is to develop and maintain solid performance-oriented relationships between TC labs and Fall Creek through timely, coordinated communications and interactions and close monitoring of performance and compliance.  This position will help build the Fall Creek TC network to world-class, build strong relationships and resolve issues.

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Open Positions – U.S. Nurseries

Foundation Plant Lead
The Fall Creek®  Foundation Plant Lead will lead the certification programs of our Vaccinium and Rubus plants, by taking care of the horticultural management of the plants (irrigation, fertilization, prunning, weeding, etc.) and coordinating with other areas, such as Crop Health, and Tissue Culture Lab. 

Quality AssurancSpecialist
The Fall Creek®  US Quality Assurance Specialist will help implement and manage quality programs in the US plan production, assuring compliance and quality of products. The position will report to a Quality Manager, and will be key for managing Global GAP certification. 

Production Team Leader
The Fall Creek® Production Team Leader will report to managers and supervise work teams. Team leaders also supervise labor contractors and other temporary employees as needed.

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Open Positions - Mexico

Sales And Grower Support Bajio & Michoacan
The Fall Creek® Sales and Grower Support reports to a Commercial Manager and collaborates with Fall Creek’s regional and global teams. This position works closely with customers, visitors and guests of Fall Creek and is a member of the Global Commercial Team. The Sales and Grower Support Representative acts with passion and humility; provides a high level of customer-focused technical service.

Sales And Grower Support - Sinaloa
The Fall Creek® Grower Support Representative I is a front-line position responsible for delivering Fall Creek’s mission; to bring exceptional plants and solutions to optimize customer success. Representatives are responsible for providing technical product support and executing sales for commercial customers within an assigned region.  

Técnico de control de calidad-MX
The Fall Creek® Técnico de control de calidad-MX Inspeccionar plántulas en las diferentes etapas del proceso de acuerdo con las especificaciones técnicas.Verificar el cumplimiento de las buenas prácticas agrícolas en vivero, Reportar las desviaciones encontradas en el proceso. Identificar oportunidades de mejora en el área de trabajo, así como participar en el análisis de causas de las desviaciones encontradas.Verificar y hacer seguimiento de las buenas prácticas de higiene y almacenamiento. Preparar informes de ensayos, reportes, certificados de calidad y otros, solicitados por jefatura jerárquica y/o funcional.

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Open Positions – Peru

Please check back soon....

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Open Positions – Chile

Please check back soon.....

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Open Positions – Europe

Plant & Fruit Quality Specialist - Seville, Spain
The Fall Creek® Plant & Fruit Quality Specialist will help achieve success in this initiative committed to create a global platform empowering consistent, reliable, and easy access to exceptional blueberries every day.

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Open Positions – South Africa

Please Check Back Soon....

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Open Positions – Morocco

No Current Openings

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Open Positions – China

Sales & Grower Support - Yunnan, Kunming, and Kaiyuan, China
The Fall Creek® Product & Grower Support Representative is responsible for providing commercial and technical production support for customers within an assigned region.  

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